Friday, May 1, 2015


Someone once said that in order to be truly happy, you had to have a passion. Another sage said that when choosing a career, you should pick something you truly love, and you will never work a day in your life. Still another wise one said that when choosing this work, base your choice upon what it is you do when you are procrastinating, for this is what you truly love to do.

it has taken me nearly a lifetime to figure out this passion of mine. The only way i have been able to figure out my passion was with a relatively clear mind. How did i achieve this calm clarity? i wish i could tell you it was through meditation or marathons. That would be so glamorous. My clarity was achieved through the mind altering effects of a stroke. For years, i had worked hard to achieve this type of clarity, without much success, mainly because i refused to give up the things that created chaos.

Once i had the stroke, i was able to let go of so much, because holding onto it was so energy draining. No longer able to teach, my days are my own. This is necessary because i am healing from a lifetime of stress, illness, and toxicity.

I moved to Vero Beach fourteen years ago, after many years in Washington, DC. In the city, i was always chomping at the bit to get out of town and go the beach, which was nearly three hours away. Yet I made the effort regularly because i felt such peace by the beach. I was certain that when i lived next to the beach, I would spend all of my spare time at the beach.

How surprised I was to find out the difference between vacationing in a resort town and actually living and working in a resort town. If you're a snowbird in a resort town, it IS a relaxing experience to come back, time after time, year after year, to lounge on the beach, no matter what time of year it is. However, if you are someone with a full-time job in a beach town, your life is exactly like those people who are baking on the beach. They just get to forget about their mundane lives for two special weeks a year, where you live.

When i worked in an office in DC, far from the ocean, I stared at pictures of the beach every chance i got. they calmed me, not as much as actually being at the beach, but they still helped to show me there was a world of natural beauty out there somewhere.

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