Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This trip is really starting to take form, and I am being methodical about attending to details. I’ve spoken to my dear friend, Charlene, who has done exactly what I want to do, and she is so vibrant and happy.

My other good friends did pretty much the same thing when they left England, cutting all ties. Stuart said this morning that he had dreams of the stuff they were keeping and shipping to the US would some how get lost or damaged so that they would really be free. I had dreams that this house burned down and I lost all my stuff and I was not even disturbed about it, obviously because I am so desperate to be free.

Even living in paradise gets boring if it’s where you live and work, and you forget how it looks from the eyes of tourists. Stuart reminded me today of how this has been a coping mechanism for me during the past fifteen years. A day has not gone by without me being grateful for the natural beauty and the kindnesses shown to me by people in this town. That being said, I need to see terrain other than the beach and the atlantic ocean.

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