Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The sun is coming out, literally and figuratively.

Sent a query letter and my resume to a magazine based in Washington State, and said I would be happy to relocate.

What a cross country drive that would be. I could write about what matters to me and meet like minded people. This town is slowly making me stagnant. I need to get out for a while. See new things meet new people and all of that

As much as the past fifteen years here have been so trying, and as much as I hate anal picky people, I have learned to embrace the fences and gates that kept me safe, when my life was running amok.

I’ve learned that order is important, as well as how to keep going when everything is falling apart around me. Living here has shown me what slowing down looks like. This is a gracious, southern town. Manners matter, and people, usually us northerners, offend the natives all the time. I have learned how to ask for help, and what kindness looks like from friends and colleagues who are shining examples of it.

I have carried the weight of the world on my body for too long, and it’s time to shed it and pay attention to how my body is functioning, as I did for my sweet puppy.

Drove by the dog park today. I miss my sweet girl.

I need to get me off this island.

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