Saturday, June 27, 2015

Test My Patience ...

It has been a week and i still feel like dirt.  The doctor said it is some kind of virus, and that i should feel better by Monday.  Grrrrrrr.  This is so frustrating.  All i have been able to do today is get boxes and assemble them, and put like things with like things, like Kitty taught me.  How is it that after an ordeal like last week's moving sale, i still have so much crap?  It is the single sock syndrome on a grander scale.

Here's how sick i am. I postponed my hair appointment last Thursday, and i look awful. but i felt too exhausted to sit upright in the chair.  So everything has been moved forward a week, except the guy who bought my bed, which i am currently spending most of my time in, and the movers, who will be here Tuesday morning.  I still need to get my car checked, serviced, and detailed.

But first, what i really need to do is just keep assembling and grouping.  Eventually that will lead to packing, and, as always, I will get the job done, with minutes to spare.

The tree guys came today.  This is actually a light filled house when the bushes are all trimmed back.

OK, i've been upright for a while.  Time to go back to bed and try and remember that this is an adventure of my own making! I get to do this, instead of "I have to do this."  my whole attitude sucks right now.

And then, I remember. I am going on a hot springs tour of the US in a week.  Things are starting to look up


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