Friday, July 31, 2015

Canada, O Canada - Part III

12:15 pm

Didn't sleep all that badly, and woke up slowly to rain and a chilly wind.  Knowing that the library didn't open until 10:00 am, i wasn't rushing anywhere.  After living in hot, sunny Florida year 'round, i reveled in the cool. When i did finally rise, I made my way to the public restrooms, which were extremely clean.

This town has a much happier vibe than Port Elgin.  With a population under 6,000, the main employers are the hospital, Mt. Allison University, and a call center. The town is neatly manicured and easy going.

Once again, no check.  This happened last month, and I thought it was because of my address change and the July 4th holiday.  But i don't know what's happening this month.  I had my daily melt down, and then remembered that this is exactly the rest I have been looking for.  Rough life. All i can do is hydrate, read, do crossword puzzles, plot my next route, pluck my eyebrows, floss my teeth, smooth lotion on my skin, do my nails, watch happy children splash in the fountain, and listen to music from Sappyfest.

It's my own spa and writer's retreat all in one, and since i have the time, i am saving big bucks doing it myself.

In the past fifteen years, so many traumatic things have happened to me.  So for the past few days, to get through this, I've been playing a little game with myself called, "It isn't as bad as ..."

Here's how it goes:

This situation isn't as bad as ...

- breaking my leg catastrophically;

- burying my parents;

- putting my sweet dog down;

- teaching under principals who disliked me;

-having kidney cancer;

-having a stroke;

-food poisoning;

-being deeply depressed;

-having neck surgery;

-having gall bladder surgery;

Things are sorting out now that my brain is resting and relaxed.  When i was teaching, I never thought i would have a creative thought again.  But slowly, they are returning, along with hope and happiness, like croci in the spring.

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