Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stafford, Virginia

This is Pauli's front yard. His 1920 bungalow sits atop a hill, and is hidden from the street by foliage.  

Paul and I met in DC, and lived in the same apartment building in the Palisades, on MacArthur Boulevard.  He was a great neighbor.

Paul is the kind of person who knows how to live.  He was famous for calling me at work and saying, "I'll pick you up at six. Don't eat anything." 

And then we would end up at an off-the-beaten-track restaurant in the U Street corridor, before it was chic, eating something exotic before seeing a play at Woolly Mammoth or hearing a band at the 9:30 club.  

For this visit, Paul asked me what i wanted to do. I told him I would not mind going to a couple of wineries in the Virginia countryside.  

He did not disappoint.

After getting to bed at 5:00 am and sleeping until noon, we were off on an oenophile's adventure. 

Our first stop was at Mediterranean Cellars, in Warrenton, Virginia.  We tasted twelve wines - whites, reds, dessert wine, and port, before deciding to buy a bottle of their pinot grigio to drink with the picnic that Pauli packed.  

We ate humuus and tabouli made by Paul, and lingered over strawberries and grapes, as we drank our wine on the terrace overlooking the vineyard, and i reveled in the greenery and the weather, which was perfect.  

Since the wineries closed at 5, Paul hustled us along to the Molon Lave, another winery in Warrenton owned by the son of the first vintner.  We tasted another twelve wines and called it a day.

The drive back to Stafford on rolling hills was relaxing. When we got home, Paul made stuffed shells while Benesa and I took naps.  After dinner, we watched an Australian  movie, called "What We Do In the Shadows," that he'd recommended to me long ago, but i didn't think i was interested in vampires. I was so wrong.  It was a great movie, as are all the movies picked by Pauli.  

After it was over, it was time for bed at the reasonable hour of 11:15 pm.  

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