Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Longest Day

I have always wanted to see Savannah, so I exited I-95 and took a driving tour of the city.  Most welcome surprise was all the shade trees and parks scattered throughout the city.  Since I had to keep moving to make it to Virginia, it was a quick trip, but I will definitely go back and spend more time some day.

Leaving Savannah, I stayed off of I-95 and took route 321 north out of Savannah, through winding back roads into South Carolina. An added bonus was seeing Columbia, South Carolina and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  

If you look at a map, the route i took was absolutely not the most direct route.  But that is the whole point of this trip.  I decided to follow my compass north and east on all kinds of roads, telling myself there are no mistakes on this trip.  The only consequence was that my way took several hours longer than if i had gone the regular I-95 route.  I wouldn't have felt badly, except that I couldn't wait to see Paul and Benesa, and I arrived really late, which is not the courteous way to arrive at someone's house.  

All through my life, my motto has been, "Why make things easy, when they can be made really difficult." Hence the driving day that seemed to never end.  

Finally, I arrived around 11 pm, and Pauli and Benesa welcomed me with dinner, wine, and limoncello. I have always adored Pauli, and i was so happy to see that Benesa is also adorable.  We stayed up late, really late, talking and laughing, and finally called it a night around 5 am Wednesday morning.  

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