Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back in the USA - finally

I finally left Sackville on Wednesday and made my way southwest until i got tired.  I stopped at a Motel 6 for two nights in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where i slept, bought watermelons and apples at the Stop n Shop nearby.  And i finally got my laundry done at a local laundromat.  What a wonderful feeling to be rested and clean.

Before I left, I made changes to the account where my errant check came from, and changed the method of delivery to direct deposit, so i would not have to go through what i went through in July and then August.

Yesterday, I drove southwest to Geneva, New York, where I stopped in for chowder and a glass of wine at Eddie O'Brien's, a popular hangout, especially on Friday nights.  Just sitting there at the bar, minding my own business, I met the scion of a local construction family, a guitar player in a band, and a couple out on their first date. I had a great time and stayed later than i planned, and i still had to find a place to sleep.

My first stop was a Microtel nearby, but they were booked.  The nice desk clerk called across the street and they had rooms available, so she asked them to save me one.  In the two minutes it took to get there, my room had disappeared. So the nice desk clerk there called around and found me a place that she said wasn't that far away.  Actually it was.

It was in Newark, about 15 miles away, and it was really far, at that late hour, but it was a starry ride through the rolling hills.

The room was in an old motel that had just been bought by someone obviously trying to rehab the place.  But the lobby smelled like old cooking grease and i wasn't too optimistic about the room.

That's the beauty of lowered expectations.  When i got to the room, i was actually pleasantly surprised.  It was clean, with two comfortable queen beds, good lighting, and my own bathroom, with a shower with fantastic water pressure.  I slept hard, woke up early, and then went back to sleep until 9 am, when i went to the 'dining room' to take advantage of the free breakfast included in the room price.

The restaurant, which doubled as an Irish bar at night, was the most depressing place I have ever eaten in. Dim lighting and ugly carpet did nothing for the ambience.  The whole place smelled of water intrusion, and, after my experience in Florida, that always gives me the creeps.  So I left as quickly as i could and drove to Geneva, where my friend, Claudia, and her family are arriving tomorrow afternoon.

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