Thursday, July 30, 2015

Canada, O Canada - Part II

I thought of my mom yesterday while driving in Port Elgin, where the countryside is gorgeous but sparsely populate.  She always wanted to be in a situation where she could ask, "Excuse me, but which way to town?"  If she had been with me, it would have been the perfect question to ask.  She also liked to say, "there's no "there" there," and, again, in this place, she would have been absolutely correct.

I'm feeling a little stressed.  My friend in Vero told me the check did not arrive again today.  I am down to 2.00, and no gas.  So I let myself have a melt down in the privacy of my car.  I wondered why i ever took this on, and i felt lonely and desperate.  I realized i haven't really cried since i had to put mimi down, so i'm due.  I've got a lot of 'processing' to do, after the last fifteen years.

And then i remember the adventure.

So i calmed myself down, and took the most beautiful ride along the northeastern coastal Canadian countryside, complete with a covered bridge, and a white house with green gables, which is why i was going to Prince Edward Island in the first place - to see the house of Anne of Green Gables.

I arrived in Sackville late this afternoon, and found a shady spot by the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park, in downtown Sackville. It has a splash pad and a fountain with bright colored metal birds, and loads of children happily splashing away, as their smiling parents look on.

My head is aching because there are several infected stress boils that are making me feel physically awful.  But i am in a friendly town where I can walk around and get a sense of the local color.

6:30 pm

The public library is a stone's throw from my parking spot, so i went in and used their internet, and listened to a group of children who were on a scavenger hunt in the library.  the male librarian was so sweet with them, letting them come behind the desk and paw through stuff behind the counter for clues.  I am so grateful that it is open tomorrow, too, because i have racked up too many roaming charges.

I took a long walk through the Sackville Waterfowl Preserve, even stopping to rest on the grass and stretch my cramped body, surrounded by chirping birds. I checked out the town, which is undergoing huge road work.  Sappyfest, an annual three-day music festival, begins tonight, so the town is filled with young people, which is both strange and refreshing to see. People make eye contact and say hello on the street.

There is a concert in the park tonight, on the bandstand.  The quintet, a guitar, drum, fiddle, and harmonica is  playing jimmy buffet songs, along with old folk favorites.  People are singing along and enjoying a glorious, clear summer evening.

The purpose of this trip was to find my lost humanity.  Staying in Canada would make that easier.  Even the traffic is more mellow than in the US.  People are polite and don't weave in and out, drive aggressively, or exceed the speed limit. I heard on the CBC morning news that Canadians are about to endure the longest election season in history - 11 weeks.  I would give anything if the American election season was that short.

People who know me laughed when i said was going to do some camping on this trip.  But I am doing it.  It is not preferable, and i would definitely feel better with cash, fuel, a long, hot bath, and a comfortable bed made with crisp sheets.

But I wanted to write an interesting story.  So this is part of it.  A few hours east of anywhere i have ever been before.

I am sitting here in grateful amazement at the spectacle laid out before me.  Once i put aside the fact that i am flat broke, I actually see just how much of a show-off God can be.  I found a package of cashews in the console, so that is dinner. I've got water, a nearby restroom, good weather, good music, loads to read, and a comfortable car.

Despite the obvious, today has been a really good day.  

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