Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Canada, O Canada - part VII

The check finally arrived.  And my dear friend deposited it at the counter, so no funds will be available until tomorrow.  If you deposit checks via the ATM, a portion of the funds are readily available. Now i hate not only the United States Post Office, but Bank of America.

Since I was so hungry, i finally found a place to pawn my I-pad.  Kristee Estabrook, the pawn broker, was a doll.  She asked me questions and i ended up crying and telling her about the past week, and being stranded in Sackville.  She was so kind. She charged my phone and sent me off with enough money to get food.

I found Joey's, where i finally had a cup of hot tea that came with a pot of boiling water, and that always makes me happy.  Sitting at real table, I ordered onion soup and humuus and naan, and it was delicious.  The server was friendly, and I used their restroom twice, before going back to my car.  Read some more of "Blue Highways," and then walked up the hill to the college and found an open door that led to the locker rooms.  So i went in and took a hot shower for the first time since last Wednesday.  It, too, was delicious.

Now i feel full and fresh, and ready to get out of here tomorrow.

This time here, out on the edge, as Kristee referred to it earlier, has been harrowing, yet extremely beneficial.  I've learned lessons and calmed my mind enough to read and write. I've confronted truths about myself and other people and situations.  It isn't always fun putting the puzzle pieces together and admitting the truth about things, but i got a lot out and now i can leave it behind in the dumpster i parked next to here in Sackville.

Talk about freedom.  My life is finally my own to live the way i want to live, even if it is in my car for six days, in beautiful places.

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