Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Canada, O Canada - Part VIII

I woke up this morning, immediately headed to the shop where i pawned my i-pad.  Kristee called her friend, cab driver and sweetheart, Danny Mitton, who came to get me. Danny took me to my car to get my gas container, but it was missing a part, so he drove me to the Esso Station at the top of the hill, owned by a genial gentleman named John. John loaned me a container and filled it for me, and Danny took me back to my car, jumped my battery, and sent me on my way with instructions not to turn off the car.  He told me John would fill the tank for me, while keeping the engine running.

While he was filling the tank, John asked me about my week in Sackville. I gave him an abbreviated version of my adventure, and told him how lucky I felt to have landed in the town and how nice the people were.

He laughed and said, "If you were really lucky, you would have ended up in Nova Scotia.  Someone would have found you that first night and taken you home and fed you and put you up for the week."

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