Saturday, August 29, 2015

TGIF - Milwaukee

Friday, August 28, 2015

I love finding my way around Milwaukee.  I think i could be very happy here.  Patricia and Charlie assured me last night that if i wanted to travel for a while, and then come back in the winter, to see if i could endure the cold, they would put me up.  They are fun to spend time with, so smart, interesting, and so kind to me. 

On Wednesday, I discovered the Milwaukee Public Market and Anodyne Coffee Roasters. Had a really good latte, sitting at the counter, and watched people stream in for lunch.

Thursday night, we went to a place in the Walker's Point neighborhood, called La Merenda.  Small plates are big here in Milwaukee, and this place served some amazing selections.  We ordered a cheese plate, salad greens garnished with pistachios, mouthwatering empanadas, butter chicken, and a goat dish that was delicious.

Image result for la merenda milwaukee

Image result for la merenda milwaukee empanadas

Butter Chicken                                                            Moroccan Goat

This morning, I woke up late and ventured out for breakfast. Lucky for me, I found Ma Fischer's, a real diner owned by a Greek family, open 24 hours a day.  I scarfed down the most delicious breakfast - a skillet full of potatoes, topped with gyro meat, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and served with a side of tzitiki and sourdough toast.

Even though i was full from breakfast, it did not deter me from enjoying lunch at a lovely French restaurant for a late lunch in the Third Ward called Coquette.

Image result for coquette milwaukee mussels frites

 It was delightful.  Patricia had a delectable looking burger and I had moules et frites, mussels in the most delicious white wine sauce, along with crispy potatoes served with aioli mayonnaise.

Image result for coquette milwaukee mussels frites

After lunch, we stepped inside Indulgence, a chocolate shop next door, and got high on the scent of just made chocolate.  Patricia got dark chocolate covered salted toffee for dessert, and it was truly and ridiculously amazing.  The dark chocolate samples were also amazing. 

Image result for indulgence milwaukee

My hair was desperately needing some attention, and Patricia made an appointment for me with Sandy, the woman who does her hair.  I feel so much better since she toned down my sun bleached Florida hair and cut away much of the weight.   Not only was i happy with the way she did my hair (with instructions from my dear friend, Trish ...), but i was thrilled because i found my way back to the house without needing to use my GPS.

Tonight, Monica, a colleague of Patricia's who teaches Spanish at the Carmen south campus, and her husband, Omero, came for dinner, and we had raclette. Raclette has two meanings, as Omero explained to me.  In Switzerland, raclette is cheese melted and scraped up and eaten with bread and wine.  Raclette here is actually meats, egg, vegetables, potatoes, and cheeses cooked on a small table top grill, with little dishes assembled by each person, and cooked further under the grill.  The raclette is the little scraper used to maneuver everything onto the dinner plate.

We ate, drank wine, and talked. Omero and Monica came from Ecuador several years ago, when Omero got his PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas in Austin.  They just returned from an incredible adventure in Bangkok, where they toured the country and volunteered at an elephant sanctuary.  Their photos were amazing, especially the ones where they were making food and feeding the elephants.

For dessert, we had our choice of three kinds of incredibly delicious ice cream (Brandy Alexander, Salted Caramel, and Blueberry Buckle)  from a local place called The Purple Door, known for its unusual and delicious creamy ice cream flavors.

Image result for milwaukee purple door ice cream
Image result for milwaukee purple door ice cream

Needless to say, I went to bed, once again, happy ...

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