Saturday, September 12, 2015

Iron Horse

Last night, I got to experience "girls' night out" in Milwaukee with some local women.  
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The evening began outside, at the Iron Horse Hotel, which is in a building down by the lake/river that used to be a mattress factory. Since it is located next door to the Harley Davidson Museum, it is motorcycle and dog friendly.  
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The evening was crisp and clear, and the outdoor fire places were blazing.  We ordered cocktails. I had the seasonal paloma, made with milagro blanco, grapefruit elixir, jamaican #2 bitters, watermelon ice cubes, and it was delicious and spicy, perfect for a chilly evening. After chatting outside for awhile, we went inside for another cocktail in the lobby lounge, where we sat in comfortable chairs and watched the evening unfold in front of us. 
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Large men dressed in leather carried tiny dogs through the lobby, where the canines were welcomed by a chalk board sign at dog's eye level, along with colorful water bowls. After another cocktail inside, we went into dinner and ordered a bunch of delicious small plates, and wine. Lots of chatting. fifty bucks apiece later we left for another adventure at a bar called Victor's, which, i found out later, is known as a "cougar" bar, and is waggishly called "Victims."  The music was fun and loud, and the bar stools were comfortable. A bevy of young (and not so young) women were grinding and bumping to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars.  I made it home at 12:30, voice hoarse and let the dogs out in the backyard before going to bed. didn't fall asleep until after 2:30, so that was two nights in a row of not too much sleep, but i have been making up for it today. 
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This morning, I woke up with a mild hangover, because it has been a long time since I've had hard liquor to drink or stayed out past 9:30 pm.  Serves me right for drinking pink drinks.  I felt drawn, once again, to the lake.  It was gorgeous, rough and a much deeper turquoise and blue than I have seen since I have been here. rip tides are in the forecast. The dogs and i spent the rest of the morning outside in the yard for a bit of fresh air. The weather is sunny and cool today, just the way i like it, but i am really out of sorts. i cannot remember the last time i have spent so much time in front of the television, but it's just what i needed.

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