Friday, September 25, 2015

Leaving Milwaukee

My last night in Milwaukee.  Patty and Charlie have been the best hosts.  Since they both work, they don't hover.  But they are ready to converse and drink wine when they get home.  They have taken me for drives around Milwaukee, pointing out landmarks, so that I have then been able to find things on my own.  Charlie said I am a good house guest because i am so self-entertaining.  

Patrick and Patricia

I have enjoyed my time here, being part of a family.  When i arrived in Milwaukee a month ago, I was spent from all the energy i exerted just getting out of Vero Beach.  And then there was the break neck pace at which i traveled, trying to put as much distance as possible between me and Florida.  Also, let's not forget all of the celebrating I have done whenever I stopped in a new place.  


During the day, when Patty and Charlie were at work, I spent time with Allie and Snickers, their cock-a-poos, and reaped the benefits of the kind of therapy only dogs can provide.  We sat in the back yard, went for walks, and watched television in the cozy, wood paneled library, where i had a dog on top of me at all times.

In addition to much needed naps, my palate was reawakened by the delicious food that Patty and Charlie cooked.  We went to several wonderful restaurants, and they were the most hospitable tour guides, showing me around Milwaukee's many diverse neighborhoods.Patrick, Charlie and Patty's son, came over for dinner tonight.  I have really enjoyed spending time with him. Getting to be with my cousins' and friends' grown up children has been a nice bonus of this trip.

Charlie and Allie

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