Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life in the MKE

September 2, 2015

I am feeling so much better, both mentally and physically.  It is not just that I don't have a routine. It is also that i am not doing the things I used to that keep me happy, like writing daily and listening to music.  I miss the Vero Beach Dog Park.

This morning, i found Colectivo Coffee Roasters' flagship store, located on the east side, on North Prospect Avenue.  It is the perfect spot for watching people and writing, either on a computer, thanks to plenty of charging stations and free wi-fi, as well as great coffee.  The renovated industrial space still has many of the gritty details on display, a long community table with lovely lamps, and sky lights that let in the sun.  

Breakfast consisted of smoked cheddar scrambled eggs, with tomato and okra, served on warm ciabatta bread, and a really good latte.

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After breakfast, I walked around the neighborhood, and then went down to Lake Michigan, although it was hard to tear myself away from the good coffee and good music playing on Colectivo's sound system.  

It was 75 degrees at noon, and the sun warmed my face, as i stuck my feet in the frigid water, colder than even Nauset Beach on Cape Cod in October.  My molars froze.  The lake was calm, with little waves plopping against the breakwater, singing a soothing song.  

The first time I saw Lake Michigan was on a business trip I took to Chicago in 1995.  My hotel room had a view of the water, and i thought it was the ocean, because it was so vast.  

Here, in Milwaukee, it looks like a lake up close.  Under a sky that became overcast, the water and the sky melded together with little sign of the seam that is the horizon.

There are a couple of down sides to Milwaukee that i have discovered in my time here.  One is Governor Scott Walker, and the other is the increasing murder rate, as reported in today's New York Times.  

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