Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Milwaukee Museum of Art

                                                                                                  As if there wasn't already enough to love about Milwaukee, today i visited the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The exhibits are beside the point, when you consider the building, an architectural wonder hanging out over Lake Michigan.  

The Calatrava designed building is a dizzying, magical piece of art in its own right.  Milwaukee's answer to the Sydney Opera House

I finally got the chance to spend the morning in this amazing public space, and wandered the long corridors, through the cafe and museum shop, until i was, once again, outside, looking into the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan.

It is a disorienting space, and i felt unbalanced, yet exhilarated.  My vertigo returned and i had to go outside for fresh air and the balancing effects of the horizon.  

Even the underground parking garage is full of light and art.

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