Thursday, October 1, 2015


Another mass shooting at a school in Oregon today.  Why does this keep happening?  Is my reproductive system more of a threat to society than guns?  While i still had them, my ovaries did not go around shooting people. This is not a plea to ban guns.  This is a plea to put limits on the weapons of destruction gunning down children.  This is a plea to nurture a system where we support our fellow humans with a competent mental health system, where guns are not glorified.

For the past several weeks, as i have driven west across the united states, my withered sense of patriotism has sprung back to life, and the cynic in me has been silenced by the vast differences, not only in the demographics of our country, but by the differences in terrain and climate.  It is stunning and amazing to me that all of these patches of land make up this rich and varied country.  I am beginning to understand how we can be one nation, yet be so polarized, but not on humane issues, such as daily mass shootings of students in our country.

As a country, can we agree that the shooting of defenseless students is reprehensible, and that all the NRA talking points have only exacerbated the problem?

I don't own a gun, and i don't want to. I do not like the fact that guns are necessary at all, but i am a grown up, and i see their use for hunting, and protection from wild life.  I can even understand having a gun in your house if you think it is going to keep you safe, and not be used to shoot, by accident, your child.

What i don't get is why the NRA has a beef with stricter owner requirements.  We make people prove they are capable and competent enough to operate cars.  Why are reasonable limits bad?  Why are there more restrictions placed on access to quality women's quality health care than there are on these weapons that actually do kill people?  Why is it that it is more difficult for American adults to purchase marijuana?  Maybe NORML needs to do some outreach to the NRA.  The regular ingestion of a nice indica would wipe out the needs for guns in no time.  Our puritan and pioneer forefathers and mothers would be appalled.

Please don't assault me with your interpretation of the constitution to explain this to me.  That is not going to make me change my mind.  The answer is not more guns.   The answer is less NRA.

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