Monday, October 12, 2015


I can hardly believe it. I made it to Seattle! The Emerald City! This trip has been just as magical and mystical as Dorothy's journey to Oz. It has been a psychedelic inner vision quest, spiritual pilgrimage, joy ride, and my heart has been cracked open to the wonder of this world. I worried that there was no room left in my brain to take in anything else.

Now, I wake up and think, "what adventure am i going to have today and how do i make it happen?"  This is a far better place than wondering if i am going to ever get the use of my right side back.

Yesterday, as i crossed into Washington state,  i could barely breathe again, as i saw more mountains, one of which was Mt. Rainier.  The sun was setting and the tops of the mountains were glowing pink against a blue sky full of foggy clouds.

I checked into a motel with an underground parking garage, and tried to get a decent night's sleep, except that i woke up at 4, and decided not to fight the insomnia.  After a shower, i went downstairs to see what was happening at the free breakfast.  it was so unappetizing and i remembered that i am a person who does not care to be around crowds in the morning. 

The morning was overcast, which is, I've heard, how it is most of the year.  After living in the Florida sun for so long, i welcome the chill and fog.  Seattle is gorgeous on this fall day, with lots of brilliant yellow, orange, and russet leaves.


I checked out the different neighborhoods in Seattle, and found a really good cup of coffee at a kiosk called Tuk-Town Espresso.  The owner made me the most delicious latte, with puffy steamed milk, a bit of white chocolate, and a pinch of pumpkin, but i could still enjoy the robust espresso. 

I stopped in Little Saigon for lunch at a place that felt like i was sitting in someone's kitchen.  the woman who owned it made me the most delicious crepe filled with seafood and vegetables.

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