Monday, October 19, 2015


Monday, October 19

What a relief it was waking up this morning here at Chris and Nancy's.  For the past two nights, I've slept well, my teeth are brushed, my body and clothes are clean, and I've spent time with humans and animals, so i am feeling my center again.  

I went exploring this morning, looking for socks, and I ended up in Napa and Sonoma, not too far from here. I didn't stop, but i did ogle the hills and all of my favorite vineyards.  

what i really needed was breakfast, so i found my way into downtown Vallejo, and to the Good Day Cafe, where i ate a really scrumptious mushroom and hot sausage omelette, and got inspired by the rack of cards.  

I sat for awhile and made a list of all the things that I no longer take for granted (numbered, but in no particular order)

1. People who are genuinely concerned about my well being; 2. clean clothes, towels, and sheets; 3. clean floors; 4. wireless internet; 5. good water pressure; 6. cooking for people; 7. Vegging on the couch, watching football with people; 8. Dog parks; 9. Peaceful backyards; 10. Good coffee; 11. Half 'n Half; 12. steamed milk; 13. good brakes; 14. cheap gas; 15. cell service; 16. healthy food; 17. water; 18. even-keeled families; 19. my phone; 20. my car; 21. my health; 22. my (and others') sense of humor, adventure, fun, compassion.

This is Lily, Chelsea's cat, who is staying with Chris and Nancy, while Chelsea sails the Hawaiian seas.

Lucy waiting for me to come to bed

Fears I've Conquered on this Trip:

1. Heights
2. Strange people
3. Strange places
4. Being alone
5. Being homeless 
6. Appearing crazy (work in progress) 

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