Thursday, October 8, 2015


There has been very little swearing on this blog, until yesterday and today, as I drove through Wyoming, on my way to Jackson.  

At every bend in the road, i am so overwhelmed by the view.  Today, i had to pull over at 3:00 pm, because i was so blown away by the vistas.  All I keep saying is, "WTF," and "OMG."  I have never seen anything like the west.  It is hard enough crossing these desolate, prehistoric high deserts in a car, with modern conveniences no more than a few hours apart.  But all i can think about, as i almost veer off the road, is Lewis and Clark, and Sacagawea, and what it must have been like on that expedition.  

Between the altitude and the sensory overload, I am feeling very off balance and tired.  Today I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, and the vertigo i thought i had left behind has come back with a vengeance.  Throughout the day, the views were so amazing that i had to focus only on the road in front of me, kind of like a horse with blinders on.  Tomorrow, my goal is to make it to Boise, and Jan Mathrani said that it was a long ride, like today.  I spoke with her early this morning, from a spot high above Thermopolis, Wyoming, and she helped me revise my itinerary, and travel further south on my way to Seattle.  

This morning, i soaked in the hot springs of Thermopolis, before driving west through the haunted, desolate, spectacular Wind River Indian Reservation, ending up here in Jackson.  I had to get off the road, because i was feeling so unmoored and claustrophobic.  So here I am, grounding myself with a Law & Order marathon, two aspirin, and lots of water.  

Shoshoni, Wyoming 
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wind River 

Wind River Reservation

Flat Creek Inn, Jackson,WY

Flat Creek Inn, Jackson,WY
Friday, 10/9/2015

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