Monday, November 9, 2015


What an amazing weekend! I kept saying that it was divinely inspired because everything about it was so elegant and gorgeous.

My cousin Rich's daughter, Erin, got married at San Carlos Borromeo de Mission Carmelo, in Carmel this past Friday (  She married a wonderful guy, Kurt, and they are on a fabulous honeymoon to Bora Bora at the moment.  The wedding was  exquisite, and the best part was seeing my east coast family on the west coast.

The reception was held at the Holman Ranch, where the views were spectacular. It was like a dream, and as elegant as it all was, the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming.  The food was amazing, as it should be when it is has been picked from a nearby farm that morning.  Erin's uncle, Bob Krause, an amazing florist in Bronxville, New York, flew out with his four children, to do the flowers.  It was a magical weekend.

Following a leisurely and delicious brunch on Saturday, we took a ride on the 17-mile drive, seeing several of our relatives at scenic stops along the way.

On Sunday, several of the east coast family members drove up from Carmel and met the west coast side in Sonoma at the Swiss Hotel, where we had a lovely lunch on the back patio.

After lunch, the east coast contingent headed to San Francisco for a few days, while the west coast contingent headed to taste some sparkling wine in Sonoma.  

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