Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You've got to have friends ...

I really needed a change of scenery and i certainly got it.  This was my view this morning, on my walk along the San Pedro Trail on Mare Island.  I am still pinching myself that I drove all the way around the country, and here i am.  It is a strange sensation to be away from familiarity. routines and friends are stabilizing, and right now i feel really unstable.  So unstable, in fact, that i phoned my friend, Kathryn, back in Boston.  I knew i could count on her to be a good port in a storm.  She is extremely level headed, with a great sense of humor.  She helps me not to take myself so seriously and to embrace the parts of myself I would rather ignore or change. 

Here is my office for the day, Nancy and Chris' living room.  

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