Wednesday, November 25, 2015


When i was teaching third grade, every morning, I would write a question on the board for my students to write about in their journals.  It was a basic writing prompt, but I loved doing it, because it was where i could inject some creativity into the teaching.  My kids wrote for at least ten minutes, and then illustrated the story. The writing prompts were thoughtful, so I could get to know my students.  Later in my career, I started doing it with them, along with mindfulness meditation, to start our day off peacefully.  We all got to know each other, as the year progressed, and I got to know myself.

I realize I have been missing my questions of the day, so I have decided to bring back the practice.  So here is today's question, and really, the question i should be asking myself at various points throughout every day.

Healing or hurting?

If it heals, do it. If it hurts, don't do it.  Bam. a guide to life.

 Here's what is healing today: Daniel's lunch special, a gorgeous spinach salad with persimmons, currants, avocado, thinly sliced zucchini, shaved carrots, and amazing french dressing made by his wife, served with a chicken sandwich. And then there is the latte prepared by David, with a fluffy steamed milk cushion on top, in my favorite cup.  

Gratitude is always healing.  Today, this day before Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to be sitting where i am, here in Vallejo, at Nathan's, once again.  I have been reading old journals from 2002, and I am finally living my dream.   Thanks to my family and friends who have inspired me and put me up in their homes, I am able to see that there is a lot of life out west. I am so blessed to have people in my life who do whatever they can to help me further my dreams of living and writing out West, and for helping me to see that the world is broad.  

The moon is full tonight, and today it is sunny and crisp, just the way it should be the day before Thanksgiving.  Now it is time for a walk in the sun.  


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