Monday, November 2, 2015

San Francisco

Greens at the Marina
San Francisco

I drove into San Francisco yesterday, to meet friends for lunch at Greens, a vegetarian restaurant in the Marina district.  As i drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, shivers went up my spine and i felt like i had been tickled.  I laughed and figured it was my dad, jibing me, in case I was missing the beauty.  I wasn't.  

I was so excited to finally be in another place i had only seen in photos and read about.  It was so staggeringly beautiful that my vocabulary has seemed to disappear.

Before lunch, I ducked into a used book store operated by the Friends of the San Francisco Library.  I wanted to get a book for Clelia, age 8, and then i saw another cute one for Bella, age 4, so I got that one, too.  I could have spent the day in this book store.  And it had a great a cafe attached.  There was an abundant farmers' market going on outside.  After experiencing the Napa Farmers' Market, here was another glorious one right in front of me.  

I arrived first at the restaurant, and Claudia and Kriss showed up soon after.  Kriss picked Claudia, who flew in from DC, up at the airport.  We had all just seen each other for Claudia's birthday in McLean, Virginia, but it was so much fun seeing each other in San Francisco.  

Lunch went way too fast, and Claudia was on a tight schedule, so we said good bye.  Both Kriss and Claudia recommended I stop at Muir Woods on the way back to Vallejo, and I promised I would.  

First, I found Grace Cathedral, a place I had read about, especially about their labrynth.  I got an amazing parking space, and there i was, walking the labrynth and reveling in the gorgeous stained glass windows.  

                                             Grace Cathedral                                           

The fog was beginning to roll in as I left the city, but I decided to stop at Muir Woods, like I had promised.  Oh my god! I also found Mt. Tamalpais.  Holy shit! Talk about switchback mountains.  The ride was a 3-D labrynth. I would have pulled over to get my bearings, but if you know highway 101, you know there are few places to pull over.  Thankfully, the fog was thick and i couldn't see the full view. As it was, it was mindblowing.  I thought it would never end, and i was really scared at certain points, but i was giddy, too. And when it was over, I was so proud of myself for having done it and seen it.

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