Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spiritual Elixir

i think the universe is fucking with me.

i am working hard to establish myself as a substitute teacher here in California, so I can get my own place, so I don't need to live in my cousins' guest room forever.  The Fairfield-Suisin Unified School District needs substitutes, according to a recent news story, desperately.  I am a retired teacher, in good standing, with a Masters' Degree.

As a requirement to get into graduate school fifteen years ago, I took basic proficiency tests. Now the school district where I want to be a substitute wants those test scores.  However, the Educational Testing Service does not keep scores longer than 9 1/2 years.  I called the school district where I used to teach and they are packing up to move to their new $7,000,000.00 digs, as well as digitizing records, so they don't know when they can get any information to me or to the California school district.

Today, I went to the health department to get a TB test, but they don't do TB tests on Thursdays, because there is no one to read them on Saturday.  So i have to come back tomorrow.  And then I have to go back on Monday to get the results read.

The good news is that I made it to Nathan's, where i had a lovely latte and an amazingly delicious breakfast sandwich.  Chris joined me for a while, and we sat on the low slung couch, watching the coffee scene unfold. Chris let me vent about this for a while, and then mentioned I might be a bit impatient about the whole process, considering that i only began it on Sunday evening.  My expectations of teaching so soon might be a tad unrealistic.  I should be shooting for after the first of the new year.  Gulp.

So i calmed down, had a Spiritual Elixir, kombucha served in a glass jar, and, boy, did i need that this morning.

In these uncertain times, i am so grateful for Nathan's, where I can sit and remember what is good about life. Vibrant art, good food, nice people, foamy lattes, great music - all these things go a long way to making frustrations easier to tolerate.  My challenge is always to keep my mouth shut in situations like this, where I think i can change a situation to suit my schedule.  Through many trials and loads of errors, I have learned that the system is the way it is, and it does not care about me.  Understanding that, I can move on to a place of peace and problem solving.

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