Thursday, November 5, 2015

Still here in the Bay Area

I'm here in Vallejo, with Chris and Nancy, my cousins.  They have graciously said I am welcome for as long as i need to stay, but definitely through Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful because I really needed a place to stop and wash off the road.  

It is hard to believe, but i have been on the road for four months. I left Vero Beach on July 3, and I am truly amazed at the progress i have made and what i have seen.  This country is huge, and in every part, there is so much beauty.  I marvel at the fact that we are all one country, governed by the same laws, since everywhere i have been has been so different from the last place I was in.  

People have asked me where my favorite place is.  It is the place where I am at the moment.  Every place I have visited has been wonderful.  There are a few places I love so much that they are on my list of where I might end up living, when (if?) I do finally settle down.  

Portland, Maine is one. So is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Fort Collins, Colorado is on the list.  So is Portland, Oregon, Vancouver Washington, and now, the Bay Area.  All of these places have grabbed my heart and my imagination, and I think I could probably be very happy living in any of them.  Evidently, I am not ready to make a commitment to any place yet.  So i will just keep enjoying where I am.  

In the meantime, I am marveling at myself that I actually followed through and got this far.  I have had adventures and experiences I could not have dreamed of on my own.  I have seen vistas that have given me goosebumps, and ridden through mountain passes that made me think I would lose my lunch.  I overcame my own inertia, and although it has not been pretty at every mile, this trip has done what it was supposed to do - shake me up and out of myself.  

The nice dog park

Napa Farmers Market
last day of the season

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