Sunday, December 13, 2015

All Part of the Adventure

This morning, somewhere between the passenger side of my car and the driver side, I lost the key to my ignition.  I was cleaning out my car, because I was supposed to pick Chelsea up from the airport.  I must have thrown the key into the recycle bin, and the truck came within a few minutes.  When i went to check, the bin was empty.

Luckily, I had given myself time, and Chelsea's plane was late.  I called AAA for a tow to the Honda dealership, texted Nancy, and had time to read the Chronicle and drink a couple of cups of coffee.  Also, I had a chance to change the way i dealt with the situation.

In the old days, i would have gotten hysterical, and assumed the role of the victim, and used up precious energy fretting about the problem.  This morning, I had glimpses of hysteria, but nothing over the top or exhausting, and I actually have the energy to be productive.

It is an expensive lesson, but now I have learned it.  And it is all part of the adventure that i signed up for when i decided to take this trip.  Considering the changes I have been through in the past six months, it is remarkable that all i have lost is this key.

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