Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Got up after 9 and drank coffee made by Nancy, who shares my taste for good coffee.  And then there is Nancy's pumpkin bread, moist and studded with chocolate chips.  I had a few slices to go with my coffee.

I am so grateful, and can barely articulate the feeling, to Nancy and Chris for putting me up for so long, and for being so supportive.  While i have no regrets in being rid of my brother, it is sad sometimes to think i am alone in this world.  Until i remember how i am not.

I have a brother from another mother, with none of the painful history that comes with real siblings.  There are no bad memories of him trying to stab me while our parents were out to dinner.  I am so grateful to be around a guy who is not trying to steal my clothes, my makeup, and my boyfriends.

Some people handle their anxiety by engaging in any one of a number of distractions.  My distraction of choice is driving around the neighborhoods of Vallejo, looking at houses, and the restoration efforts taking place in the hills.  Today i pulled over on Miltia and Loma Vista, and phoned a friend.

We had dinner tonight at Ann and Doug's.  Doug made the most delicious prime rib i have ever tasted.  For a seven rib roast, he set the oven for 500 degrees, where the roast sits for an hour.  After that, the oven is turned off, but the roast stays in the oven for six hours, when it comes out perfectly medium rare.  And it did. Once again, the Slaydons outdid themselves.  Delicious food and sparkling wine for me.

This incredible adventure has been my gift to myself. I am coming back to life in a place I have never been. Every day is an adventure.  Merry Christmas.

St. Peter's Chapel, Mare Island

Uncle Vince

Aunt Jean, Chelsea, Chris

Nancy, Doug's Mom, Megan

Megan and Chris


Doug (the Butcher) and his seven rack roast

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