Friday, December 25, 2015


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What a happy day! We were up early, at Vince and Jean's for an english breakfast and opening secret santa presents.  All we've done is eat delicious food and drink fabulous wine, surrounded by gorgeous decorations.  Tonight, we had lasagna, which was as delicious as Chelsea promised me it would be, made by Nancy.  Chelsea said it is her favorite thing that Nancy makes, which is high praise.

This Christmas has been like a holiday movie. I drove down Summit Street, in historic Vallejo, and I met Rudy, who lives in a nice house with his wife, who he has been in love with since elementary school, but didn't marry until three years ago.  I told him i liked his holiday decorations. I also gave him my card, and asked that if he heard of any nice, reasonable, comfortable apartments in the neighborhood, would he give me a call.

I let Chelsea, my little free spirit, know that she is one of the top two contenders for who is going to take care of me when (if) I get older.  I told her I would make it worth her while.  She was totally non-plussed, God bless her.

Tomorrow we are going down to Monterey, to witness this free spirit jump from a plane at 18,000 feet.  Ho hum, just another Saturday, a day in the life ...

Nancy's twin sister, Ann

Vince and Jean

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