Monday, December 28, 2015

On this crisp, clear morning, I am sitting out back, drinking coffee.  I just finished reading the Chronicle.  I do love that paper.  So many common sense food articles.  Today Dave Weigand wrote a critique of the Michael Pollan show on PBS tonight.  I will actually watch it because of what he said.  I haven't enjoyed reading a television critic since I lived in DC, and read Tom Shales, especially after major current events or national disasters.  Shales would rip the news media apart over shoddy, cheap coverage, long before Jon Stewart sat in his Daily Show chair.

I am reveling in the fact that I have the energy to actually write each day, and that i have some ambition about getting my life back on track.  Talk about perfect peace: At this moment, birds sing, sun shines, airplanes buzz, turkeys caw.  I am basking in the sun's warmth, drinking my coffee in a Christmas mug, far away from sadness and misery, unless I make the choice to encounter them here, in the west.  That would be like picking up baggage i threw away in the Badlands.  Counter productive, to say the least.  Just keep swimming.

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