Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Things feel very stalled, at the moment.

I have an appointment at the Fairfield-Suisun Valley Unified School District tomorrow about substitute teaching.  I am hoping that means I can start working on January 4, right after the winter break.

The good news is that Chelsea, Chris' younger daughter, is home from Hawaii.  She flew in last Thursday from Atlanta, and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her while she is on vacation from her job as a butler on a cruise ship.  It has been really nice having a co-pilot, and today, we went to the San Pedro Trail on Mare Island.  She ran and I walked on this gorgeous, sunny, chilly winter day.

On Monday, Chris had to have shoulder surgery in Davis, so Chelsea and I accompanied him to the hospital, and drove home through Green Valley, where they used to live.  We drove the route that Chelsea used to drive when she was in high school, and stopped to visit the home of a friend's father, a local sculptor.

Chelsea is one of the people who influenced me to take this trip.  Her spirit of adventure is evident in all of her postings on Instagram and Facebook.  When I was in Florida, unable to see the light past my obligations, and thinking I would never get out of Vero Beach, Chelsea's posts gave me hope.  

What feels like being stalled is actually a chance for me to spend time with Chelsea, who leaves on December 29.  

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