Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still feeling crappy, especially my head, eyes, and stomach.  Yesterday, I slept a lot, and it looks like that is what is on the agenda today.  The things to be anxious about when i am sick are numerous, and the mean voice in my head is more than willing to trot the list out.  Will I feel this way forever? Do i really feel this way? What if it is depression coming back?  what if i cannot recover from this?

I am going to stay off that track and focus on the good stuff, or take a  nap.  I am the one who can control the bully in my mind.

Every day, there is an article in the Chronicle about the homeless.  I was always afraid of being homeless, and i am flush up against that fear, in reality.  But i am not, thanks to Chris and Nancy.  I have a whole lot more empathy now about people who are homeless, being this close to it myself.  You can be working hard and still not be able to make enough to pay for a decent living space.

The Syrian refugee crisis has also been in the news since i have been on the road.  I have been emarrassed, angered and astonished by the behavior of people in this country toward human beings, who, through no fault of their own, have lost everything.

My mind has all kinds of creative ideas, but my body is holding me back.  back to my nap.

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