Sunday, January 10, 2016

another one of my future houses

It has been a really fun weekend.  Yesterday, in the morning, i made my weekly pilgrimage to Moschetti, for the most delicious coffee.  I had two cups of Brazilian Pea Berry, suggested by Fabrice, who poured steamed milk into my cups.  Saturday morning at Moschetti is quite the scene.  It is very social, with real estate deals taking place, while neighbors discuss local community issues.  It seems as though everyone just moved here from somewhere else, especially from San Francisco.

Nancy and Ann went to the mall with me to pick out new eyeglasses, some really cute ones.  Last night, we had dinner at Las Cabanas in Fairfield. This morning, I picked up my glasses and bought Powerball tickets. $1.2 billion.

This afternoon, I had lunch at China Wok.  As i was leaving, a man dining at a nearby table stopped me because he thought he recognized me.  His name is Richard Johnson, and he was lovely.  He pulled a chair out and gestured for me to sit and join him and his dining companion. So i did.  People are so friendly here.

Richard lives in a historic home he and his partner renovated.  They are having a fundraiser for a city council candidate on the 24th, so i am going to go.  He used to live in San Francisco, but came here in the late 90s.

And no Sunday night stomach ached, like the ones I suffered before.  I am turning in early so i can wake up early, to see if i can work.

I purchased the course materials i need to become a licensed real estate agent here in California.  I am already driving around Vallejo. I may as well monetize it.  My parents, who were both shrewd real estate people, would be so proud.

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  1. Claudia, with tears streaming down my face, I am so PROUD of you. And no matter what you say or what you think, you will always be a part of me.