Thursday, January 14, 2016

Drove to Windsor to get my hair done. The drive is long. The price is higher than i am used to paying, but Sheila does an amazing job. 

The ride was glorious - over route 37 to Old Lakeville Road, through Petaluma, and up 101, through Sonoma.  The hillside is turning green.  Spring is in the air. It looks like Ireland, the green is that vivid.  I had more than a few moments of joy today, thinking of how far i have come, and how gorgeous it is out here. I stopped at the drive-thru coffee place near the house, and got a very large, strong latte for the ride. 

Had dinner at Richard's.  He makes even a Costco pizza taste fabulous, doctoring it up with pesto and anchovies.  Gregory made a radicchio salad with orange slices, goat cheese, and walnuts, which was delicious.  Another lovely evening in Vallejo.  

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