Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fingerprints cleared, finally! Background check complete. I actually worked today, as a sub at Tolinas Elementary School, where Chris went for part of the day when he was an elementary school student.

Yesterday, the rain poured down.  I took the assignment and did not get to the school until 9:30, because it was a late posting.

Found my way to the school and the front office, where the secretary gave me a folder of papers needing to be copied.  She said to call her when i got my bearings.

A half hour later, after clearing several jammed copiers, I let her know i was ready.

The kids were good, although there were a few that had to test my pack leadership.  By the end of the day, they were happy pups, following my lead.  No fuss no muss.  It has been three years since i had my own classroom, and now i see why I could never again teach full time.  A sub is like a grandparent, a place holder, a baby sitter, who can enjoy the kids and the teaching, and then leave it all behind, without having to worry about performance.  Subbing is mostly classroom management.  I am so grateful to be able to really leave the school day behind - no admins, no cranky parents, no discipline write ups, no faculty drama, no planning, no grading.  At 3, I really i am finished for the day.

In exchange for a peaceful, happy classroom, I picked my battles.  The kids worked, and then we played Sparkle and Around the World, a spelling game and a math fact game I played with my students.

The teacher called tonight, to ask if i could work tomorrow, but i had to say no. I am interviewing in San Ramon at 12:30.  The traffic will be worse and it is further away, but I'll interview.  At least I can see San Ramon.

Working for the past two days has been a welcome change to trying to stay busy and out of the house, without spending any money.

Of course, since I have been up at the crack of dawn this week, I am exhausted.

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