Monday, January 11, 2016

I cannot get over how much better i feel, just because of my new glasses.  There are no headaches, no vertigo, no eyestrain. Who knew?  It is the same life changing  feeling i had when i got well-fitting bras in Milwaukee.

Subbed at Laurel Creek Elementary, in third grade.  Really nice kids, really nice faculty.  Great school culture.  At recess, I talked with a teacher who said, that even after twelve years of teaching, he loved coming to school every morning.  He was a mid-life career changer, like me, coming from the tech sector, Apple, to be exact.

It felt so natural to show up this morning at a different school in a different state.  Third grade is third grade everywhere, I guess.  This school reminded me of Osceola, with parents on campus at dismissal, and kids who were obviously well-cared for. Again, i had to establish my pack leader role, but these kids were so good that they could run the class themselves. So i let them.

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