Sunday, January 3, 2016

I finally feel better, not 100%, but i will go crazy if I spend any more time in bed.  Finally made it back to Nathan's, after what seems like weeks, between the holidays and being sick.  It is the same crazy, beautiful place, friendly people, delicious food prepared with love, and frothy lattes.  I found a wicker arm chair and foot stool in the corner, by the window of the entrance.  A guy wearing a pink furry hat with rabbit ears is making a video of himself.

I have led a sheltered life, and now, i feel like Rip Van Winkle awaking after a long, dark sleep.

Took a walk at Mare Island Preserve late this afternoon, up past the cemetery. to the first bend, and then back, since it was getting dark.  As I got back to my car, the woman who has spearheaded the preservation effort on Mare Island, Myrna, was going out in her truck to light the lights on the trail for the last time this holiday season.

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