Friday, January 15, 2016

I have been here for nearly three months. Time has flown. I feel so different, so lucky to have been embraced by my tribe out here in the Bay Area.  I took a two hour job at an elementary school where the school secretary knew Chris and Bob, my cousins.  She grew up down the street from them in Fairfield.  

Gregory took me down to Berkeley today, so that I could experience first hand the Berkeley Bowl (, a grocery store that is larger and more colorful than any grocery store i have ever experienced, and I worked for Whole Foods.  I love adventures that involve grocery stores and where i can be the passenger.  I was astonished at the variety of produce.  There were eleven different kinds of radishes.  

I cannot get over how green it is. Spring is here.  I have not experienced seasons like this ever. The seasons I am used to last a whole lot longer. Since I arrived here, I have witnessed three seasons. The tree in Chris' backyard was still green, just turning gold.  Now it's bare, with the hint of pale green buds.

Below are photos of the backyard at Richard's and Gregory's house.  Check out the chickens.



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