Friday, January 1, 2016

I still feel wretched, but i am truly grateful that it is only physically.  I have been here on this road before, and  by my standards, it is not even that wretched a place.  This time, though, I have reliable people in my life and a roof over my head.

So i can wallow in how miserable i am or revel in the fact that i have a family and new friends out here.  I can focus on the many moments of joy i have felt this year, traveling and seeing things i have never seen before. I am alive for a reason, so let's get to it.  I am itching to start my new life, but my body is having none of it.  It hurts to move my head, and that is a scary thing when you've had a stroke.

Ugh.  I have a hangover, but i had none of the fun last night.  It is okay. I am resting my body for a year filled with love, money, family, friends, and fun.

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