Sunday, January 31, 2016

Point Reyes

What a spectacular day! Gregory, Kate, and I went to Point Reyes and took a walk by the visitors center, and then went to Limantour Beach, and struggled to walk in the stiff wind along the shore.  I cannot get over how gorgeous it was.  I finally saw the Pacific Ocean up close.  It was sunny and 58 degrees. 

We had breakfast at the Station House Cafe (another hangtown fry, made with the plumpest, juiciest oysters i have ever tasted).  

The hills were emerald green, and i felt like i had been dropped on another planet.  We laughed and had a great time.  Saw a rainbow while we were driving back to Vallejo, on Route 37.  

As I sat in the parking lot at Raley's, I watched a hail storm on one side of me and a rainbow on the other side of me. My vocabulary has not caught up with my experiences out here.  All i could see yesterday was waving wheat and emerald green hills that looked like the knuckles belonging to a giant.  

These eyegasms are the story of my life lately.  Everything is waking back up after a really long drought. It is so green and fertile out here, psychellic and cartoony.  We saw trees that looked like hobbits lived in them. 

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