Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spending part of the day at Nathans, waiting for a sub job to open up.  This is heaven, right here, on this grey morning. Good music, a delicious breakfast sandwich on sourdough bread.  Someday maybe i will get tired of sourdough, but right now, I am making up for a lifetime without sourdough.  

Ecstasy is the title of the wood burning above, created by Liberty, a barista at Nathan's, who also does amazing latte art.  Currently, that is what i am in the midst of, surrounded by this and wood work by Don.  

When you are teacher, you are constantly battling all kinds of sickness and being contaminated with all kinds of kid germs. At one of the schools I worked at recently, there was a minor head lice outbreak. Students in California are allowed to attend school with nits. That was not the case in the school district where I taught in Florida. 

 Since I am extremely impressionable, my head is itching.  When this happened at Osceola, where I taught for twelve years, I would go into our school nurse, Dorothy Hall, and she would discreetly examine my head and send me back to class, reassuring me that I did not have head lice. 

Went to a gorgeous spot on Suisun Valley Road with Richard, Gregory, Cynthia, and the dogs. We walked up into the hills. Richard calls it the Larry's Produce Walk, because that's where we meet, and then proceed to a quiet country road, grazing horses and all, and the trail. Did i mention how hilly this walk is?  I am happy to say that i went further this time.  Fiona, the new dog, sat on my lap on the way to the trail, and sweet, tired, smelly Spencer got my lap on the way back. He was filthy, like a used microfiber mop.  

This is what it means to suck the marrow out of life.  I kept thinking the happiness i was feeling was mania.  But this is what it feels like.  Things were so dark, and now i go to bed happy.

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