Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sunday afternoon was lovely, and we went for a walk at Mare Island, and then Gregory made a delicious dinner.

At Mare Island, we walked down a path we had never gone down before.  There we found two houses overlooking the bay.  When the naval base was decommissioned, everyone just seemed to up and leave.  It looks like the inhabitants of the house were in the middle of lunch when the notice came, like the residents of Pompeii when the earth quake hit.  It was a spectacular day, followed by a lovely dinner party.  Gregory's friends, Chris and Doug, were there, along with Kate, Richard, Cynthia, and her husband, Jim.

Mouthwatering bratwurst and a beet casserole, with a bechamel sauce and an oat hazelnut crumble, were on the menu.  Richard made a delicious apple galette for dessert, along with lemon verbena tea.

Yesterday, Kate picked me up and we drove to Sonoma, to the Fremont Diner, for brunch.  We split delicious nachos , and a hangtown fry (oysters, arugula, egg, bacon, and remoulade). It was definitely southern gourmet cooking. Very unpretentious, with coffee poured from a thermos left on the table.

No sub jobs this morning, and since i was up anyway, I drove to Napa, to the library.  It was a foggy morning, and i drove through Mare Island, with all its old buildings shrouded in the stuff. Surreal.

After some time at the library, I met Gregory for a kombucha and a late lunch at Nathan's, chili and a delicious chicken sandwich on sourdough.

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