Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Vineyard Lifestyle

Spent the day with my Aunt Lulu, cousin Mary, and her husband, Paul.  Paul drove us to St. Helena, where we visited Beringer (, where Lulu's favorite zinfandel comes from.  We had two glasses of wine, a riesling and a cabernet. The place was very German, with lots of stained glass windows and amazing gardens.  





After Beringer, we had turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches at V Sattui, another winery nearby with a really good deli. We drove back on the Silverado Trail.  Lulu asked me today what plans I had made for my final resting place.  Since I am still looking for a resting place for myself while i am alive, I told her i was donating my body to science. We will see if science wants it.  

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