Monday, December 21, 2015

I have to get my clothes from storage in Florida, because there is so much I need for this wet climate. At the moment, I need an umbrella and my Burberry raincoat.

Today was really wet and really fun.  Richard and Gregory took me to Oakland's Chinatown, where we had dim sum at Tin's Tea House.  We were the only Asians in a very crowded dining room.  The atmosphere was festive, as servers bustled through the crowd with wheeled carts carrying all kinds of goodies.  Richard and Gregory ordered a variety of amazing, tasty dishes, some I recognized, and some i didn't.  We had roasted eggplant, a green vegetable with a stalk that looked like tall broccoli, served in oyster sauce, dumplings , and a few other delightfully slimy tasty dishes.  I tasted chicken feet, to prove i was not a finicky eater, but I had to pass on the rest, draping a steamed banana leaf over the claw.

After lunch, we sloshed around Chinatown, poking into markets.  Richard is a chef, and the brothers were showing me all kinds of produce, meat, and dried soup ingredients i had never seen before, like dried oysters, scallops, and chicken legs.

For now, I am staying close to home, making a pot roast for everyone.

Greens I have never seen before 

Lamps in my favorite second hand store in downtown Vallejo

next year's tree 

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