Friday, February 19, 2016

Fourth day at Crescent Elementary.  The teacher may be back on Monday. It has been nice having a routine and a regular place to go.  The day started with a fund raising assembly.  Fundraisers are the bane of my existence, as a teacher, no matter how much money they raise.  

First of all, I don't believe that parents should be in the fundraising business.  Schools should be optimally funded, so parents don't have to raise funds.  Also, we want kids focused and well-behaved, and then we bring them to an assembly like this one, designed to get them all hyped and crazy about selling junk. 

One of the second graders grandma came in to do Friday folders for the class.  What a sweetheart.  The child's grandfather fell and hit his head on Monday evening.  Now he is in a coma.  You would never have known this by this woman's demeanor.   She came in to the classroom, kind and smiling, sweet to me and the students, her skin the color of cafe au lait.  That is who we need around schools, especially first thing in the morning.  

After school ended, I met Richard and Kate at the Suisun Valley Wine Coop, just what I needed after teaching for four days straight for the first time in three years.   We drank a malbec that was really lovely.  I made it home, chatted with Chris and Nancy, before falling asleep at 7:00 pm.  That is what i get for being up at 5:15 am, and on time, all week.

This is Richard being goofy.  He knitted that sweater himself.  The yarn is sumptuous, begging to be petted. 

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