Sunday, February 7, 2016


Friday, I spent the day guest teaching in a kindergarten class at Cleo Gordon Elementary School, for the whole day, with 26 five year olds.  I finished at 2:40 and went to visit Jean, who had more neck surgery on Monday, and Vince.

After I left them, I stopped at Mare Island Preserve, where I parked and called my friend, Patty Hoben, who i stayed with in Milwaukee, and who had an unfortunate accident, breaking both of her ankles.  We had a great chat and discussed meeting in Vero the last two weeks of June, so I can sort out my storage unit situation and decide what to bring out here and what to consign.

Kate called and we met at a tasting room on Mare Island called The Godfather, located in one of the beautiful old admirals' quarters.  We got a bottle of red and took it out to the porch, where we flopped into oversized wicker chairs.  We were laughing, and then Richard showed up, and we got a second bottle of wine, but we could not finish it, so Richard took it home.

We went to La Tapatila, a grocery store on Broadway, for burritos, and took them back to Richard's house.  I was exhausted and so proud of myself for staying up, and not going back to the house.  We watched "Transition," with Jeffrey Tambor, and I got home at a respectable 9:05 pm, although it felt like the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday, after doing laundry, I went to Moschetti's, for local honey, coffee, and chocolate, before leaving town to visit Kriss Hayward, who I became friends with at our mutual friend Claudia's birthday this past summer, in Santa Clara.

While waiting for my clothes to dry, I sat outside and Tine, my good friend from Vero, called.  We talked for nearly an hour.  I do miss her so much.

Finally got on the road around 11:30 and made it to Kriss' around 1.  We went out for salads and then walked to the mall, so i could get new running shoes.  my old ones had no tread on the bottom.  no wonder my hips hurt.  I got some really cool purple metallic New Balance running shows that remind me of my aunt Betty Hoyt, and something she would wear.  As soon as I put them on, i felt better.

Walking back, we stopped at the Valencia Hotel, and Kriss treated us to cocktails (me - dragonfruit mule; her - raspberry mojito) and sumptuous tuna tartare.  It was weird to be so close to the Super Bowl action and have absolutely no interest in it.  I did see the stadium from afar, and the blimp.

After cocktails, we went home, where we talked and Kriss made really good ravioli with pesto.

This morning, we went to a really cool coffee place called the Big Mug. I could not believe i was in Silicon Valley, a place i had read about for years. It was gorgeous and sunny, in the seventies, the kind of weather that makes Californians happy.

While everyone else was watching the Super Bowl, I was driving through the hills of Palo Alto, cursing because the views were so astonishing.  I wanted to see Stanford, but i took a wrong turn, and it was so amazing.  My head was spinning, so i pulled over at the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, to get my bearings.  I was feeling shaky, nauseous, and was afraid the vertigo had come back.  It got a bit scary, and i had to tell myself that if this was it for me, and this is where it ends, I am already in heaven.  It is so discombobulating, but i needed to be discombobulated.

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