Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nearly three years ago, i woke up on a sunny Saturday morning, looking forward to lunch at the Ocean Grill with friends.  While taking a hot shower, my head felt like it exploded.  Somehow, I made it to the bed and managed to call 911.

I survived a stroke.  For a long time, though, I wasn't sure i wanted to.  My right side didn't work. I could barely talk, and I was very confused and really depressed.  I had to learn to walk and read again.  Even after I looked like i regained all of my faculties and functions, I still was not sure i wanted to survive, because of stabbing migraines, nauseating vertigo, and debilitating depression.

Now that i am three years out, and a three thousand miles from Vero Beach, i see, with clarity, what a miracle life is. I am here to bask in the sun's warmth, with family and friends, old and new, who love me. Never could I have imagined this kind of peace for myself. But here i am.

I took a walk through Vallejo's historic downtown, and I met a lovely woman named Margie, who was sitting on the porch of her 1912 Craftsman home, with her two dogs, Ginny and Charlie.  She gave me a tour of the first floor, with all its polished wood trim and built ins, and then took me out to her magic garden.  We sat in wrought iron glider chairs that she got for free at a neighbor's garage sale.  Before i left to walk back to my car, she insisted that i sit on her porch swing. The view is amazing from that swing, looking out over El Dorado and Virginia Streets.

Worked today at Tolinas Elementary, in the resource room. Then took a ride through the rolling hills of Cordelia, on my way back to the house.

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