Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No sub job today.  Had a breakfast sandwich and latte at Nathan's, made by Liberty, the graceful and artistic barista who makes lovely designs in my lattes. It was quiet, and i got to sit in my nook in the corner by the front window, overlooking Georgia Street.  They put umbrellas and bowls of pink roses on the outside tables. From my spot, it looked like a street in Paris.  

A fly kept pestering me, while i was working at Nathan's.  It wouldn't leave me alone.  My Balint aunts would say that it is my aunt Kathleen visiting me.  That made me so happy.  

Finally, I found the free Qi Gong class at City Park.   

After Nathan's, I drove over to the Mare Island Golf Course. Sitting at a picnic table, I did some more writing, this time with pen and paper, high on a hill overlooking Mount Tamalpais across the silvery San Pablo Bay. This course reminds me of Whippoorwill, back in Armonk, NY.  It reached the high sixties and i let the sun warm my face, breeze blowing.  I felt like i was skipping school on one of those first spring days back east, driving carelessly through the hills of Whippoorwill.  As bad as my allergies have been, the views are spectacular.  Again, I feel like i am in a laughing gas dream and i cannot wake up.  

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