Thursday, February 4, 2016

Picked up a job at Crescent Elementary at 7:05 am and made it by 8:05.  Had a brief moment to read the very organized teacher's instructions.  There is lots of parental involvement.  Parents have to volunteer three hours a week in their child's classroom.  There were four moms in the grade 2/3 classroom, and they were great. The kids move to different classrooms for math and language arts, and they do it with military precision.

I got to teach a lesson on fractions to the third grade, and one on numeric notation to the second graders.

On days like this, i amaze myself. Then i realize that i have been training for this for my whole life, but especially during my teaching career. I am becoming a master at happy, glitch-free mornings. My goal is to enjoy the drive and smile at people on campus, especially children.

Today I am channeling Kim Koontz, one of my favorite subs at Osceola. She never had to raise her voice.  It looked like she never had to give spoken instructions.  She seemed to glide through the day.

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