Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Subbed at a school today where twelve subs were scheduled to work.  I was assigned to two kindergarten classes, so the teachers could test students, and then to a fourth grade class.  The fourth grade class was horrible.  I feel so sorry for the teacher. A kid named Jesus tried to commandeer the class.  He really wanted a power struggle, as did two other young ladies, who rolled their eyes so much and so hard that i feared they would fall out of their heads.

 The future is grim for these three.  They told their teacher i said they could play games on their i-pads, the little liars.  The teacher asked me if i was available for two days in March, but i will never sub for her again, at least this year.  What an obnoxious group.

Wednesday is a great day to sub, because it is an early release day, and i was finished at 1:00 pm.  I got back to Vallejo and went to the Napoli for a late lunch.  It reminds me of pizzerias on Lockwood Avenue, in Yonkers, NY.  Their minestrone soup is so good, and it is accompanies by salad and garlic bread with marinara sauce.

I am forcing myself to stay out of the house for as long as possible, or else i will climb into bed until tomorrow morning.

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